Packaging Solutions

Using the most optimal packaging design and solution in the supply chain can save thousands of dollars every year.

Our packaging is customised to meet the unique requirements of our focus products, industries and supply chains.

The solutions we design encompass both our patented in-house designs as well as third party provided packaging. Basically we work with the package type that delivers the most value to our business partners. Plus we have the added advantage that if the right packaging type doesn’t exist, then we design it.

Our flexible pooling programs provide packaging where and when it is needed. Our team takes control of the re-positioning of the packaging to the factory, it is filled and then once it is de-hired to a pre-nominated destination, we start the process all over again.

Our core packaging range is as follows:

     Pooling & Rental-Buy-Back Programs

  • BOC ORCA unit
  • BOC VEGGY bin
  • BOC SEAL bin
  • BOC Bottom Discharge bin
  • BOC Conical drums

     For Single Use Only

  • BOC aseptic liner bag
  • BOC non-aseptic bag
  • BOC polythene liner bags

Please visit the Blue Ocean Containers website for more information.