Managing superfoods in the international supply chain

Author: Peter West
9th December 2016


Over the last few years there has been significant consumer interest in exotic superfoods with extreme health benefits.This includes things such as Acai Berries and Coconut water. From a supply chain perspective there are a number of challenges with these products, including:

· Demand for product exceeding supply, especially in the short-term

· Exporters who have probably not exported before

· Quality

· Substitution

· The need to manage inventory especially matching to consumer demand.


The team at Maia Global worked with our clients and focused on the following key areas:

·     Vendor Education:

We worked with the growers so they understood the requirements of their customer

·      Ex Works Buying terms:

To manage risks, to get guaranteed supply and to keep the growers happy, we instigated buying on an Ex Works basis. This gave us full visibility and control of the supply chain. We also implemented a quality program to ensure our customer was getting exactly what they expected.

·      Maia View:

This enabled us to get an accurate view of all transactions and inventory in the supply chain. This meant we were able to liaise with the consumer division and adjust volumes as requirements changed.


Our customer was able to take advantage of the high value, high risk products and successfully deliver a product with minimal risks. Many of their competitors ran out of stock or ended up with poor product and excessive inventory.

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